The now and future plans

xLoGiiKzZo aOwnerAdminDev posted Oct 4, 17


Current situation

Greetings DesiredCraftians, many of you have probably wondered why recently there have not been many updates, advertisement, or news on what is going on lately. This post will hopefully answer all the questions you have as well as explain future plans for DesiredCraft. Most of it has to do with what has been going on in my personal life, so I will begin with what has been going on in my life the past year. While this is very personal and I do not like involving my personal life with the community, DesiredCraft has always been my "baby" and something I care for deeply, therefore I believe you guys deserve an explaination. In December 2016 I suffered a severe lower back injury, which until to-date still has not been treated. This has basically crippled me and prevented me from doing basically any physical activity where I have to stand for more than 30 minutes. I spend most of my day laying on the couch or in the bed as I am not allowed to sit much either. This has ruined my life since and shortly after sent me into severe depression with almost daily thoughts of suicide. I started recovering from my depression around March 2017 and feel mostly okay now, I still have days where it becomes worse but mostly I feel okay, not good, but just okay. I was put on pain medications in May 2017 and had to cycle through many different kinds as I did not tolerate many of them and some were simply too weak. Before my injury I have already had many vacation trips planned and pre-paid for the Summer of 2017 thus I asked my doctor to put me on an even stronger painkiller so that I could at least try to some what enjoy them, which I did not as much as I was hoping I would. Three of many of the side effects of these painkillers are lethargy, nausea, and surpressed emotions. Due to them, I was not able to enjoy much of my summer trips. Since June my injured spinal disc has gotten worse by 5mm, which is an enormous amount. My tolerance to the painkillers has also grew thus making them less affective. I am now again in constant pain and my depression is becoming worse again as well. On top of that, around 2-3 weeks ago I had accidentally been stabbed by a knife in my elbow which had become infected. The infection turned lethal as it had become so bad that it reached my blood stream. Since then I've had to go to the hospital for cleaning and check-ups every day for the past 10 days. Thankfully, it is recovering and my last check-up will be on this upcoming Monday. As you can imagine, this was just another thing that contributed to my depression. Three days ago I decided to go on anti depressants as I know that the state of DesiredCraft is not the best and needs to be brought up to the quality that you guys deserve, once my life is stable again, I will get off them. Anyone that has ever suffered from depression knows that it completely destroys your motivation to do anything, therefore I would not be able to do this without being on medication. The first 1-2 weeks of starting them are not the best, many side effects are very common. I am extremely tired all day, have no appetite, and need to throw up every now and then. While doing support tickets a few days ago, I had actually fallen asleep on my keyboard while doing them. Once I start feeling better, you can expect updates to start rolling out and server advertisement to begin again. As for my back injury, I have an appointment within the next 2 weeks where my surgery will be discussed. Once I do go under surgery, it will either go well and save me or turn me into a bigger cripple. Regardless, after surgery I will have to stay in the hospital for 4-7 days. Afterwards I will be able to go home but I am not allowed to sit or walk for one month. This means I'll be laying in my bed all day for that time. The good thing about this is that I will be able to get a lot of work done as I will move my PC and monitors to my bedroom and have my bed modified to allow me to work. Just writing this post has taken a huge amount of effort as I am extremely tired and can barely keep my eyes open. I promised a player, Jordy, I would post this a few days ago but I did not have the energy to do so.

The future

We have many great things planned for the future that we know you guys will love. I will only discuss one of them in this post, which is an entire revamp of the staff team. We will completely redo the staff ranks, permissions, and many other ways that will affect how the staff team works. Many staff ranks will also receive a monthly payment via store vouchers or PayPal, we have not yet decided which ones will be eligible except the Build Team which will be case dependent. This will benefit DesiredCraft in many great ways. I will list a few of the changes and their benefits;

Reintroduction of the Assistant rank.
Description: The job of Assistants is simple; answer questions players have.
  • Allows Moderators to focus more on their job.
  • Makes finding players eligible for the next rank, Moderator, more easy.

Introduction of a official Build Team.
Description: Players will now have the opportunity to apply for the official Build Team. The Build Team is responsible for building spawns, arenas, anything that is currently needed. For bigger jobs, members of the Build Team will receive a payment via store vouchers or even PayPal.
  • Allows us to release new updates quicker.
  • Players can earn money for their work.

Introduction of an Anti Cheat Team.
Description: The job of the Anti Cheat Team (ACT) is to catch hackers that players report and that our anti cheat, DAC, does not detect. This will be a global rank. Members of the ACT will receive report notifications globally. E.g A player on Factions reports a player, every member that is online on DesiredCraft will receive a notifcation of that report regardless of what server they are on.
  • Catch more hackers thus resulting in fairer PvP.

Introduction of Community Managers.
Description: The job of community managers will be to host tournaments, listen to suggestions/bug reports from players and make sure that, if approved, they will be seen by the executive team, and write news articles.
  • Less work for the executive team as we will no longer have to go through bug reports and test if they are valid, the same goes for suggestions, and we will no longer have to write news articles thus allowing us to spend that time on more updates.
  • This will assure the community that their voice is being heard.
  • More tournaments.

Other benefits:
  • Work is spread out throughout the entire staff team rather than just the executive team. This means more time for updates.
  • Due to having more diverse staff ranks, it will allows us to give staff more permissions without having to worry about abuse which in return will result in them being able to fully do their job, get our players help faster, and take load off the executive team.
  • Staff members that have been doing a good job and moved up to a higher rank will receive payments for their work.
  • Automatic website tag synchronization for both, staff and regular players. This means if you are missing a tag for your Legacy rank, it will automatically be fixed.
  • Much more!

Edit: Thank you everyone for the support. It is much appreciated.

Edit 2: My doctor has told me that I am not able to go under surgery until the wound from my infection is fully healed, he estimates it will take 1-2 more weeks from today, October 18. This means my back surgery will probably be scheduled in the first or second week of November.

Edit 3 Nov 26: It has been a while since I updated this post. Unfortunately, my case has been cursed by bad luck. The first date of my surgery was supposed to be in the 2nd week of November, however, my surgeon got sick so it had to be delayed until November 22nd. That morning a patient with a brain tumor was sent to my hospital, thus my surgery had to be cancelled in order to save the mans life. This patients surgeries took 3 whole days which delayed my case until November 27th because my surgeon does not work on the weekends. I apologize for not updating you guys sooner. Oh, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! :)

Edit 4 Dec 19: Unfortunately, things are not going the way I imagined. Trigger has disappeared out of no where, leaving everyones support tickets unprocessed. My recovery is going a lot slower as well. I cannot work at all at the moment, not even from a laptop while laying in bed as I am not allowed to have any pressure on my back. I will be trying my best to find a solution that is best for everyone. DesiredCraft has been in the top 15 servers consecutively since it started back in 2012, this may be a big bump in the road but we will recover, you have my word.

Edit 5 Feb 25: My surgery seems to have failed. I still can not sit. I was due for an MRI today but due to the cold weather storm that hit Europe, a snowstorm started here in Split, which hasn't happened in 100+ years so all the stores and public services were closed. Support tickets are being worked on..I severely apologize. Once this is behind us, we will host giveaways to reward all our players for sticking through with us.

Edit 6 May 7: My back seems to finally be healing. Currently I can only sit for 40 mins twice per day, but I will be slowly increasing that number over time. I am really hoping that nothing bad will happen again.

Engravable I hope your doing better!
HV3 Used to be such a fun server, hope some day it is again.
TS366 update? <3